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Jeff CoolNRHS '15
Junior A Hockey- NY Applecore

Here's what Jeff had to say about training at JVH PERFORMANCE:"My coaches for the NY Applecore told me I had to put on strength and size so I told the coaches at JVH and they created a plan for me.  They had me dial in my training and nutrition so I could show my new coaches that I was ready to get to the next level."

"I put on 27 pounds of muscle going from 180 to 207 in 5 months. During my time at JVH I became a better athlete with my agility and flexibility on and off the ice. Going through the grind of 4 workouts a week was exciting because of the intense atmosphere JVH has every time I train. The coaches at JVH got me ready for this college development league I am in called Junior A Hockey with the New York Applecore."

Matt Caputo
NRHS '14
Matt is a 2 sport athlete with tremendous athletic ability.  He has unrelenting work ethic and it shows on the field/mat and in the weight room.  Pound for pound he may be the strongest, most explosive athlete I've ever coached.  Matt will have major success playing football at SUNY Cortland.  Here's the rest of his accolades:
Multiple All-County, All-Section, All-League Football and Wrestling selection
North Rockland Wrestling Accomplishments:
2-time NYS place winner- 6th in 2010, 5th in 2013, respectively
3-time Eastern States Classic place winner- 3rd in 2010, 7th in 2013, 4th in 2014, respectively
NHSCA high school All-American- 7th in 2011
2-time Section 1 Champion- 2013 and 2014
4-time Rockland County Champion- 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014
2nd most all time wins leader for NR wreslting- 220 victories
100+ pins in his career

Alex D'angelo
NRHS '15
You can't judge a book by its cover is the perfect way to describe this special athlete.  Alex may not look that fierce, but he earned himself the nickname 'Manchild' by demonstrating intensity in everything he does.  Between practice, training, and matches, Alex goes 100mph no matter what!  He battled injuries throughout high school, but still managed a stellar career.  Alex is currently a freshman wrestling for SUNY CORTLAND.  

NRHS wrestling accolades:
100+ wins
2-time Section 1 Champion
Rockland County Champion


Adam Burlew
NRHS '14
SUNY Oswego '18

Adam Burlew started with us in 2012 as a 10th grader (frail pic bottom left). Without looking back he's packed on 40-50lbs. of solid muscle as of September 2015. He EARNED the ability to play at the next level for SUNY Oswego. Going into his sophomore year at Oswego Adam is more confident than ever, as he should be. True confidence is only developed through relentless work ethic. If you know you did everything you could and made all the right sacrifices you'll show up ready to crush anything that comes your way!

Tanya DiMarsico

All our clients at JVH are treated and trained like athletes. Age and current fitness level are irrelevant. The coaches understand the importance of progression and evaluation, which is what we do each and every session, with each and every client. Tanya DiMarsico has completely dedicated herself to living the Victory Lifestyle. She trains with intensity that's unmatched, eats super clean and is willing to accept coaching every workout! What's more impressive is that Tanya is 40 years old. I know it's incredibly hard to believe with these photos!! More proof that consistency and commitment make it all happen!

Blaise 'Benderthighs'
NRHS '15
Binghamton University '19
Anyone who wrestles understands the mental and physical battle of weight cutting.  As a 10th grader (2012-2013), Blaise Benderoth was a typical weight cutter.  He would starve himself daily, workout 5-6x a day just to make the cut from 135lbs. to 120, the weight class he competed in.  After that season full of ups and downs, Blaizer decided to stop cutting weight so he could compete at his strongest, healthiest weight.  He went from the 120lb weight class as a 10th grader to 152lbs. his junior year, a jump that most wrestlers are afraid to make.  Blaise finished off his HS career competing at the 160lb. weight class and was as strong as could be for that weight.  He experienced success like no other North Rockland or Rockland County wrestler has ever seen bc he fully committed himself to training and getting better on the mat!  Blaise is currently wrestling for Binghamton University. Here are some of his high school accolades:
NHSCA Senior All-American 6th, 2015                                       

3x NYS place finisher  
2nd, 2015
3rd, 2014
6th, 2013

5x Eastern States Classic
5th, 2015
2nd, 2014
3rd, 2013
8th, 2012
3rd, 2011

2x Section 1 Champion
5x Rockland County Champion
Rockland County Wrestler of the Year- 2014-2015
221 Career wins, over 100 pins

Karisa DiMarsico
Karisa DiMarsico has been with us for over 2 years now.  Most women like her want to be lean, toned and look good in bathing suit.  The problem is, they think the way to get the body of their dreams is to do countless hours of cardio (I hate that word!). The women of JVH, or the #JVHbabes as we call them, understand that in order to get lean, you have to increase muscle & strength to torch fat!  Combine strength training, the right type of 'cardio' and a clean diet and you're on your way to major fat loss just like Karisa! 

James Morina
NRHS '16
James Morina is one of very few 3 sport athletes.  Many athletes devote themselves to one sport nowadays, but James plays football, hockey and lacrosse, 3 very aggressive sports.  From his his junior to his senior year he's packed on about 25lbs. of muscle!  He doesn't make excuses about not being able to train due to playing sports all year round.  James just get's it done!  He'll even get after it at our 5:30am sessions before school if he has to!  When you're pursuing excellence you don't make excuses, you make things happen NO MATTER WHAT!!

Ben Katzen
Tappan Zee High School '12
 Endicott College Lacrosse '16

Ben has been training at JVH since 2011.  He only started playing lacrosse his junior year in high school and after 2 seasons on the field, earned the right to play in college.  Ben has a relentless work ethic and is constantly striving to improve any weakness he might have as well is building on his strengths.  He takes that approach on the field and inside the training facility at JVH PERFORMANCE.  Ben is an extremely explosive athlete with tremendous strength and it shows while he holds down the defense for the Gulls!  

CJ Rodriguez let himself go a bit, but after 8 months of JVH TRAINING and changes to his diet he shed 15lbs. of fat while maintaining some serious lean muscle mass!  Being a NYS champion wrestler from North Rockland (2005), he got back to his roots of full commitment, dedication and diligence in order to get back to being shredded.  CJ also has a goal of competing on American Ninja Warrior as he awaits his acceptance.  No magic pills here, just hard work and dedication!

Danny Curran kicked into high gear in preparation for his wedding day.  In 4 months, Danny lost 17lbs. of fat and earned a ton of lean muscle! How?!  That's easy, training 4-6 days per week, dialing in on his nutrition and incorporating the Advocare 24-day Challenge in his final month before the big day.  He killed his training sessions, changed his lifestyle and it clearly paid off!