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 PSC (Primal Strength Crew) is setup to make you Mobile, Agile and Hostile!!! We here have the philosophy that everyone needs to have adequate mobility, strength and good sound understanding of nutrition. All members are here to work towards being the strongest version of themselves( mentally & physically) and not what society dictates us to be. We are one solid unit and an ever growing family, looking to dominate our competition anytime, anywhere…


Unlimited membership- 4 coaching session per week +  1 champion workout per week- $235 per month
3 day per week membership + 2 champion workouts per month- $205 per month
2 day per week membership + 2 champion workouts per month -$185 per month
10 sessions- $250, 20 sessions- $375
College Student disount- $160 per month, up to 4 workouts per week, or $425 PIF for 3 months

*Inquire about yearly or semi-annual discounts
*discounts for mulitple siblings signing up together
*family rate for 3+ immediate family members.
*Client rates are based on group training sessions, NOT private sessions** A 3 month minimum commitment is required for all clients** Clients have the option to continue after the 3 month contract is complete at a monthly rate*
Primal Strength Crew Project- Testimonials
PSC Crew Doing Work!!!
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