CJ Rodriguez let himself go a bit, but after 8 months of JVH TRAINING and changes to his diet he shed 15lbs. of fat while maintaining some serious lean muscle mass!  Being a NYS champion wrestler from North Rockland (2005), he got back to his roots of full commitment, dedication and diligence in order to get back to being shredded.  CJ also has a goal of competing on American Ninja Warrior as he awaits his acceptance. 

No magic pills here, just hard work and dedication!

2014 40 Under 40 Recipient

is a training studio located in Stony Point, NY and is home to many high school and college athletes. We specialize in training athletes to become stronger, more explosive, faster, quicker and to develop overall better athleticism.
On top of that we promote the 4 Laws of JVH, which are INTEGRITY, DILIGENCE, LOYALTY, & TRUTH. Subscribe to us to find out more of what that means. Our training modalities range from old school, basic barbell/ kettlebell /dumbbell lifting to modern day speed training and loads of bodyweight training.

There are also adults/meat-heads/ex-athletes that train with us. We refer to them as the PRIMAL STRENGTH CREW (PSC). Primal Strength Crew goes through a very similar, vigorous training regimen just as our athletes do. These people work extremely hard and MAKE time to get to us. Our training sessions for PSC are either very early morning (5:30 or 6am) or late at night 7 or 8pm.

We do not baby our clients. We do not make them do anything. We do not put up with complainers or excuse makers. We do not train just anyone.

We expect hard work. We demand results. We educate. We inspire. We train. We do whatever it takes to get REAL results. We have a strong belief in the POWER of POSITIVE. We live by the 4 LAWS.

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